Moe Cason – Passion for the Big Green Egg

Pitmasters Season 3 Audition Video

6/30/10 – Des Moines Register Pitmasters Blog Post

Pitmasters Season 2 Audition Video

Jim Bean BBQ Classic guest chef Moe Cason of Ponderosa BBQ

Master of the Pit – Moe Cason

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  1. Brian Pritchett says:

    Just wanted to say I just watched Pitmasters and I was pulling for you to win the whole thing. If I ever come to Iowa I’ll be sure to stop by. Bet it’s the best BBQ I’ll ever have.

  2. Georgia Peach says:

    Moe, just finished watching you on TLC BBQ Pitmasters. I knew you had it in the bag when you presented your pork plate. As a Southerner, your plate looked like something one would receive at home(greens looked like heaven!). A plate you would be served at a church function. Or at any Southern cookout. I had all my fingers crossed. I also, think the fact you always smiled was an added bonus(happy cooks make tasty food!). Keep smiling.

  3. Ronn tabata says:

    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  4. Calvin Scott says:

    I just watched BBQ Pitmasters on TV for the first time May 31, a Season 2 rerun. I swore I could taste your food through the TV screen. And the planked catfish … awesome! I wish you the best of luck for Season 3 and all future endeavors. If I ever get to Des Moines, I’ll have to get some Ponderosa Q!

  5. Jay Johnson says:

    Moe, Just watched BBQ Pitmasters again with you winning! Really excited, and then saw you’re in Des Moines. I’ve lived in TX the last 27 years, but now I do work in IA, WI, IL, MN, ND and SD. I usually drive and come thru Des Moines quite often. Is there a store front where I could try your awesome Q?

    Congrats again on your win!

  6. billy lockner says:

    i love cole slaw any way to get ur recipe thanks

  7. Adam Saldivar says:

    Saw you on pitmasters & love your cooking style, was wondering if you have a few recipes I could use at home…I have a large family kinda would like to impress them ?

  8. Tim Cheers says:

    I would love to try your bbq but i can’t find address to vist u at please let me know how i can come havevdinner with you .Will be riding up from Omaha Neb

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