Welcome to Ponderosa BBQ

imageMy name is Big Moe Cason and I was born, raised, and corn fed out of Des Moines, Iowa. Growing up I had always known I wanted a better life for myself so I joined the NAVY in 1989.  I served on the USS Missouri during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  After that ship decommissioned, I served the remaining time on the USS Peleliu.  The NAVY was the best decision for me because it taught me the life lessons I needed growing up. I entered my first BBQ contest in June 2006 and have been addicted ever since. (My wife says obsessed. Ok, maybe.)  I decided to name my team Ponderosa BBQ because the old folks call the neighborhood we live in “The Ponderosa.”  I have been a member and competing on the KCBS,IBCA,GBA,MBN BBQ circuits. I am a self taught Pitmaster who loves his craft and enjoys the competition scene.  I make my own competition rubs and sauces.  I am passionate about my Q because what initially was a hobby, very quickly turned into a way of life.  I live it. I breathe it. I AM BBQ.

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